Adaptation… A Principle of Nature from the PSYCH-K® point of view to support and nurture human evolution

Mother Nature is our best example of sustainable success. For millions of years, she has shown us in an evident, loving, silent and compassionate way that it only takes a few simple Principles to keep us in balance and to ensure the evolution of the human species.

One of the Principles of Nature is Adaptation; this invites us to look within, to find our natural ability to adapt in order to welcome changes in a loving and compassionate way. This ability allows us to adjust our attitudes and behavioral patterns to the changing circumstances in these fascinating moments of human history.

Change happens daily, both in the external world and in our inner world — in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies — However, we experience a certain level of cognitive dissonance, because even though we are aware of change, there is often deep resistance at the subconscious level of mind, where we have stored beliefs and programs that tell us “it is better if everything stays as is”.

The way we experienced change in the past, especially in difficult and painful situations, is the source of limiting subconscious perceptions, which accompany us through life, because the subconscious mind experiences everything in the present (there is no past or future for it). We remain bonded to those past experiences and the limiting perception about them keeps us in  «victim mode” in relation to those circumstances.

Adapting to change is a necessary part of evolution, and if we can do it from a place of peace, creativity and resilience, it is infinitely easier than when we resist and fear change because it implies exploring unknown territories in the external world, as well as in our mental, emotional and spiritual world.  

Can you imagine what could happen in your life, if you could give your subconscious mind new instructions so that adapting to change is easy and sustainable over time?

Can you imagine how your life would improve, if you knew how to integrate at a subconscious level of minds, in just a few minutes, millions of years of wisdom contained in Mother Nature which allows her to adapt change and to evolve? 

«The species that survive are not the strongest, nor the fastest, nor the most intelligent; but those that adapt better to change»

Charles Darwin

The subconscious mind is extraordinarily powerful because it processes information at 40 million bits per second (whereas your conscious mind works at only 40 bits per second)! Your subconscious mind is in charge of at least 95% of what you do every day, as a kind of autopilot. The proposal of our process called PSYCH-K®, is to give the subconscious self- expansive information as the foundation to create a reality where it is easy to find creative, easy and effective ways to adapt to the ever changing external and/or internal circumstances.

Imagine how your life could change, if your subconscious mind has programs like these working automatically in your favor:

– I adapt easily, quickly and fun to all the changes in my life

– I adapt in a loving and harmonious way to the changes in my life on all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual)

– When I adapt to change easily, I see the opportunities and receive the blessings

– Adapting to change makes my life flow in a harmonious, loving and kind way

– I welcome the changes in my body

– Adapting to change makes me more creative, resilient and more

Would you be interested in knowing how to change these programs in your subconscious mind, so you can claim back your personal power, ADAPT easily to the evolution that comes with change and be a more authentic version of yourself?

Find out how to do it, in a PSYCH-K® Workshop or in a personalized session – All the information is in

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