How to achieve a better Balance in all areas of your life with the support of the subconscious mind


Resilience: the ability to emerge strengthened from challenges such as the termination of a work contract, a delicate illness, a divorce, the death of a loved one or a pet, a mugging, an earthquake or a flood, or what we are experiencing with the current pandemic.


One of the Principles of Nature is Adaptation; this invites us to look within, to find our natural ability to adapt in order to welcome changes in a loving and compassionate way. This ability allows us to adjust our attitudes and behavioral patterns to the changing circumstances in these fascinating moments of human history.


Este mes, nuestro enfoque esta la Diversidad, uno de estos 11 Principios de la Naturaleza. ¿Es posible respetar la DIVERSIDAD en el organismo llamado Humanidad, así como respetamos la DIVERSIDAD en nuestro propio ser?