Resiliency…A Principle of Nature

Often, people who take a PSYCH-K® Basic workshop do so with the intention of discovering what their purpose in life is. We can elaborate on the topic for hours, explore a variety of philosophies, or we can simply say that the purpose of life is to be happy! 
However, that idea of being happy seems to be overrated by our current culture and many people feel deep levels of dissatisfaction when they perceive that they have not achieved their life purpose because they do not feel happy in a sustainable way
Perhaps, the sole purpose of being on this planet is simply to experience life fully. That wise part of us, which everyone calls differently — Spirit, Intuition, God, Inner CEO, Universe, Source — chose to take human form and gave us the possibility to experience life on this spectacular blue planet. We have gifted ourselves with a fascinating life that invites us daily to make sense of its events, challenges, doubts and uncertainties. A life in which we can choose to live as victims of what we “have” to go through because we are limited and powerless human beings, or a life in which we have the constant opportunity to remember that we are spiritual beings, having a human experience, in order to expand using an inner power which is infinite and unlimited. 
It is in that second possibility, where we find the super human power called Resilience: the ability to emerge strengthened from challenges such as the termination of a work contract, a delicate illness, a divorce, the death of a loved one or a pet, a mugging, an earthquake or a flood, or what we are experiencing with the current pandemic. Beyond strengthening us on a mental, emotional and even at the physical level, resiliency allows us to discover messages and teachings that also strengthen us on a spiritual level. 
Mother Nature clearly shows us this Principle called Resiliency, as part of the Original instructions we require to live in harmony as human-kind.
It is evident how Nature recovers and evolves from events as powerful as hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, floods or fires; Mother Gaia is reborn and renewed after an event that at the human level we perceive as chaotic. If you observe how this rebirthing occurs, you can see that the capacity for resiliency is directly related to the diversity in the environment, to the interconnectedness of everything within that environment, to the effective use of the available resources, etc. In short, it is a clear example of how all the Principles of Nature are the modelling essence of Life.   And those Principles are all present in your own life, because you are also Nature. 
Can you imagine how your life would change if it were easy for you to access this super power we call resiliency and use it in every challenging experience life presents you with? The key word in this question is “easy” – because we are conditioned to believe that getting through what we call problems, challenges or difficulties is difficult and it takes a lot of effort. And it is so, if you believe it is, at the subconscious level of mind. 
What we want to propose to you today, is the possibility to discover how to access your subconscious mind in order to activate your resiliency super power, which will allow you to internalize millions of years of the wisdom that Mother Nature offers us in such a simple way. 
Discover how you can do all this at a PSYCH-K®  workshop or in a private session – all the information is on

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