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Got Balance?

Living in Anxiety or Living in Balance?

How to achieve a better Balance in all areas of your life with the support of the subconscious mind

In Nature, the balance of all the elements – earth, air, fire and water – is an essential part of evolution. Sometimes, we perceive that these elements are out of balance because there is an excess of rain which causes floods, or uncontrollable fires in the forests, or hurricanes sweep through devastating everything in their way, or an earthquake shakes the earth causing great damage. However, with time, equilibrium returns and the cycle of evolution goes on, as it has been for eons.
Now, since human beings are also a part of Nature, made up of the same original genetics, how do we manifest this apparent imbalance of our inner resources – at the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level – and how does it reflect in our daily behaviors?
Living in the absence of balance has become the new “normal” in today’s society. This imbalance causes high levels of stress and anxiety, either because we live with “excess” of something or because of the “lack” of something. We have been conditioned to focus on these extremes and lose sight of the possibility of finding a harmonious balance.
Has it ever happened to you that when you feel centered and balanced, an internal voice begins to generate the fear of losing that harmony? The origin for this “little fearful voice” is our beliefs and perceptions which we have learned from our environment. 
Maybe, at some point in life we heard mom say that be that everything good ends badly, or a person we respected and trusted told us that it is not possible to have balance in all areas of life, or perhaps we developed somewhat of an “addiction” to worrying so we end up finding ways to lose that balance because we need our “dose” of difficulties to worry about. (These are based on personal experience, because for years I lived based on the slogan of “why make it easy if it can be difficult”! – Can you imagine the level of ongoing imbalance, stress and anxiety this created in my life?)
Let’s consider which of the following options apply currently in your life: 
Imbalance due to the lack of…Imbalance due to the excess of…
o  I don’t have enough time for anything
o  I get bored because I have nothing to do
o  I don’t have enough money
o  My partner doesn’t love me enough
o  I’m too skinny
o  I am useless, I don’t have what it takes to be successful
o  I don’t have enough energy for everything I have to do
o  I can’t find a stable partner
o  I feel alone, I have no one in my life
o  I have no food to feed my children
o  My parents didn’t pay attention to me and I feel abandoned since I was little
I’m afraid that tomorrow I will lack … money / health / company

o   I don’t have a job (I have too much free time)
o   I have too much to do
o   I’m afraid I’ll run out of money
o   My partner is too intense, he/she exhausts me
o   I’m too fat
o   At my age I can no longer get a job because I am overqualified
o   I have too much energy and I can’t sit still
o   I am bored with my partner because everything is a routine
o   I wish I had more time to be alone
o   I can’t eat all this food, because I get fat
o   My parents are smothering me, I can’t make my own life
o   I am exhausted from so much … debt, trouble, my partner

Now, how about imagining a future in which you could transform these perceptions so that you may experience more Balance in your day to day life?

  • How could you use the energy you are using to complain about the lack of balance in your day?
  • What would happen if you find that the patience to let the storm pass is within you and balance returns to your life in a natural and loving way?
  • How would your life change if you had better Balance of your inner resources? Of the masculine and feminine energy, we all have within?
  • What would change if more areas of your life were in balance so that the energy you had been using to sustain the anxiety became energy of peace and creativity?
  • How would your relationship with yourself and your environment change if you could perceive everything with eyes of “gratitude” because there are so many things in your life that already are in balance?

Here is an interesting exercise – Use a scale of 0 to 10, where 0 is you perceive there is no balance at all and 10 is you feel total balance and rate each of the following areas of your current life experience:

Life AreaWhere are you on a scale of 1 to 10
1. Physical self-care (food / exercise / body)
2. Connection with your family (real & human – not virtual)
3. State of your emotional health
4. Time to develop a positive view of life / the state of your mind, thoughts, ideas
5. Relationship with time
6. Free time for recreation / enjoyment / vacation
7. Developing a healthy and harmonious relationship with a significant other
8. Connection with friends — real & human – not virtual
9. Enjoying your current occupation as a path for growth / self realization
10. Exploring and developing new skills
11. Time for your relationship with your higher self, with your spirituality

Looking at these results, how do you feel about the Balance of your life?

If the result of this little exercise shows you that it is time to have new eyes, new mind and a new heart in order to be more aware and more responsible for creating possibilities of balance in your life, we invite you to explore how this can be done in an easy, fast, effective and fun way by changing your subconscious beliefs and perceptions with PSYCH-K®.

If the result shows you have the balance you feel is adequate for you, congratulate yourself, then acknowledge and celebrate the balance you have achieved in your life!”

Either way, we are here to support your journey to remember your true essence.

May you recognize your Divinity,

discover your Greatness, and

become the Peace you seek.

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