PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop

The PSYCH-K®  Basic Workshop is a 3-day event. In the first 2 days, you will learn everything you need to become a PSYCH-K® Facilitator. On the 3rd. day, you will integrate and practice what you have learned so you know how to apply PSYCH-K® in daily life with yourself as well as with others

You will have the opportunity to learn how to transform the outdated “programs” — beliefs and perceptions — at the subconscious level of mind in an Easy, Fast, Effective, and Fun way.

The PSYCH-K®  Basic Workshop is a totally hands-on experience, in which learning is fun and easy. (So easy, that we have had 11-year-old kids taking our workshops).

What you will learn in the workshop?

Day 1

  • Impact of beliefs in our daily life
  • Relevant information from the most advanced research of the Neuroscience on the Brain and the Mind
  • Muscle Testing: establishing communication with the subconscious mind
  • Two change processes called Balances to “upgrade” the perceptions and limiting beliefs at the subconscious level of mind 

Day 2

  • Creating Personalized Goals to be the Designer of the Life you deserve
  • Clarification of the Goals for the subconscious mind
  • Transforming the perception of stress/trauma/fear to a state of peace
  • How to do PSYCH-K® by ourselves with self muscle testing

Day 3

  • How to do PSYCH-K® in our daily life (with others and with ourselves)
  • THE PRINCIPLES OF NATURE: how to integrate millions of years of wisdom in 2 to 5 minutes – the secret of Sustainable success
  • GAIA Project – a PSYCH-K® proposal to support the evolution of global consciousness

Transform your Life with PSYCH-K®

With PSYCH-K® you can reduce stress, improve your work or sports performance, increase your self-esteem, enhance your leadership skills, align yourself with your life purpose, recover your personal power, have better relationships, create abundance and much more!

Click on each area to read examples of expansive beliefs you can work on during the Basic workshop…

  • I deeply love and accept myself.
  • I stay curious when others criticize me.
  • I love myself unconditionally.
  • I have a magical occupation that magically allows me to give magical service for a magical payment.
  • I recognize my ability and responsibility to make a positive difference in the world.
  • I value the opportunities that come with change.
  • My body heals naturally and quickly.
  • I choose to live a vibrant and healthy life.
  • I easily experience harmony of mind, body and soul.
  • It is easy for me to give love to others.
  • It is easy for me to receive the love of others.
  • I am ready for an intimate and passionate relationship.
  • Money is a wonderful tool for Abundance, which is my natural right.
  • Money is a Divine expression of my spirituality.
  • Doing what I love, I have everything I need and more.
  • The death of a person or the end of a relationship is a natural part of the life cycle.
  • I bless and release in gratitude all those who have caused me pain.
  • I forgive (name of person) for having left me.
  • I am a necessary and important part of the Divine Plan.
  • I love my Higher Self and my Higher Self loves me.
  • All my experiences are part of my process of Spiritual Evolution.






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