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PSYCH-K® Divine Integration Retreat

The sole purpose of this Retreat is to provide participants with both recognizing and having the direct experience of Divinity. This experience is inclusive of all religious and spiritual orientations. The Retreat offers an opportunity to identify and change limiting beliefs about the divinity itself.

In the culminating experience of the Retreat, the effect of group synergy is used to create an energetic environment in order to generate a personal experience of personal divine connection. Based on the idea of ​​”the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, this experience is based on the dynamics of the group to facilitate a field effect in which each person can benefit from the power of the group in the state of divine coherence.

The more of us acknowledge our divinity, the more of the Divine will manifest in the world. This is the way PSYCH-K® supports and nurtures sacred global evolution. Because the Divine Integration Retreat is based on the processes and experiences of the Basic and Advanced PSYCH-K® workshops, the completion of these two levels is required to participate in this Retreat.


This workshop is invaluable, it has no cost to you. You only pay for your round trip transportation, Food and Stay for two nights and two days (to be defined). You are invited by the Universe to attend and consider if you want to support the realization of this event through a voluntary donation (this will represent the value you feel is equivalent to what you will receive during the workshop and you can deliver it in a sealed envelope on the day of the Retreat). The net of these contributions, after covering the costs of holding the workshop, will be donated directly to a Foundation that supports the Mothers head of the family.

What can you expect from attending the Retreat?

  • Recognize and experience a direct connection to the Divine
  • Change limiting beliefs about your own divinity
  • Experience group synergy of the Divine
  • Discover your true nature as a spiritual being having a human experience
  • Learn to see the divinity in others


You are invited to consider returning. There is always something we can keep remembering about our Divine Essence and it is a wonderful way to strengthen our human connection with those of us with the same intention.


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