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PSYCH-K® Health and Well-being Program

This workshop is designed for those who are interested in expanding their skills to Facilitate the applications and tools of PSYCH-K® as well as those who have a great commitment and passion to support other people and themselves, with health and well-being situations (applies to all areas of life).


duccio locatti

Duccio Locatti

Director of the PSYCH-K® Health & Well-being Program

This workshop is taught in English,
and translated into Spanish by Martha Vargas.

If you are reading this information it means that you already have a long way to go with PSYCH-K®. You started in the Basic with Balance of New Direction and Resolution to understand that you are the co-creator of your reality and you have allowed yourself an even deeper journey into yourself, with what you learned in the Advanced Workshop.

The Health & Wellbeing Program offers you the possibility of two new mega Balances and a large number of specific processes (each time simpler and deeper). You will also receive guides and demonstrations on how to carry out an individual session with you and/or with other people, with all the tools that you will now have.

This program is a mega trip of what can be called “contemporary urban shamanism”. We will spend 4 days with Duccio Locatti, Director of the workshop and a living example of how to take PSYCH-K® to the maximum level of experience (simple and deep).

Duccio radiates charisma, power, simplicity, humor and love.

Purpose of the workshop:

This workshop is for PSYCH-K® enthusiasts who are interested in developing the ability to address underlying beliefs that limit health and well-being; that is, getting to the source of the problem instead of staying at the level of the symptom.

Requirements to take this workshop:

The requirements to participate in the workshop are both the Basic and Advanced Workshops (with practical knowledge of the Balance of Belief Points with Energy Focus, Balance of Essential Beliefs, and Life Bonding Balance).

As in all PSYCH-K® workshops, confirmation of attendance is given, which qualifies you as a PSYCH-K® Health and Well-being Facilitator. This does not imply a license or certification of any kind.

The Program is not intended to teach how to diagnose or treat any disease. The purpose as always in PSYCH-K® is to address the limiting beliefs and attitudes that may underlie the condition.

Some people who experience the benefits of these Balances may be completely liberated from their condition. Or, their symptoms may improve to such an extent that they become more susceptible to conventional treatment. The PSYCH-K® approach is an ideal complement for anyone intending to create a more holistic approach to Health and Wellness.


Optimal Health and Wellbeing Balance:

Also known as "The 22 Elixirs of Eternal Youth" as Rob Williams calls them. This Balance is intended to align your beliefs with those of long life and good health inspired by the learnings of psychoneuroimmunology and the longest living people on the planet. The Balance Sheet includes an action plan to help the new potential unfold.

Alternative Life Balance:

A Balance to experience a life free of a particular physical, mental, or emotional condition, with a process to replace the perceptions, beliefs, and circumstances of that situation and create new chemistry in the system to promote health and well-being.


  • Demonstration and practice of conducting a private session
  • How to manage a physical, emotional, or mental condition, from start to finish
  • The principle of All / Unity
  • The 4 Levels of reality applied to the field of Health and Well-being
  • Characteristics and Attributes of the Health and Well-being Facilitator
  • Balance to change the perception of stress about a situation (past, present, or future) and reach a state of Peace
  • Messages of physical or emotional conditions
  • Transform reactive responses to items, foods, or animals (allergies)
  • PSYCH-K® in case of first aid
  • From prevention to evolution towards a state of Well-being.
  • Using a PSYCH-K® Balance as a surrogate for a treatment or therapy
  • Joint surrogacy with the source of power
  • Quick Relationship Balance


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