This program is specifically designed as a bridge to PER-K® for PSYCH-K® Facilitators, who have experience in the business world and are also committed to the intention of accelerating a new mindset within the business community as a external trainer, consultant or as a leader within an organization, company or venture.

Today’s global business environment clearly shows us that conducting in-person training is not the most efficient; consequently, this PER-K® Catalyst program aligns with the growing need to offer online support.

Who is this program for:

For PSYCH-K® Facilitators who have a corporate or business background; entrepreneurs, business owners, managers, team leaders, coaches, consultants, who are comfortable and competent facilitating PSYCH-K®/PER-K® sessions, and have attended the Master Facilitation Workshop and/or the Advanced Workshop.

Overall goal of the program:

This program has the intention to:

  • Help you find ways to apply what you already know from the PSYCH-K® Basic workshop, in order to Activate Possibilities, Energy & Resources as the Key for Sustainable Success!
  • Support members of an organization to align and transform what is needed for the organization to become the best it can be!
  • Become a PER-K® Catalyst for change and evolution within business organizations by applying the PER-K® processes with individual and with teams!
  • Revise your beliefs/perceptions about your own business as well as business in general (clients, products, marketing, etc.)!
  • Create a transformational leap in your own business

The program will:

  • Not train you as a coach or as a consultant!
  • Not train you on the necessary marketing skills to contact clients!
  • Not teach any new Balances!
  • Not teach you how to run a business

Program focus:

  • Review understanding of PSYCH-K® processes
  • Explore the foundations of PER-K® Essentials for Success
  • Facilitate online session using Surrogation
  • Identify and transform sources of perceived stress in business day to day
  • Identify and transform limiting beliefs and perceptions related to all areas of a business
  • Discuss opportunities and potential barriers for offering PER-K® in an organization
  • The Principles of Nature – Original Instructions for Evolution of Business
  • Applying PER-K® with organization’s Purpose, Mission, Vision, & Values
  • Discussion and demonstration of Clarification for the Subconscious Mind within a group setting
  • Facilitate online session within triad with Catalyst, Partner and Observer
  • Review example PPT presentation to introduce PER-K® Catalyst to an organization
  • Client Connection
    • Definition of niche
    • Access ideas to niche
    • Messaging to niche
    • Awareness of our own beliefs and perceptions
    • Value of what we offer/Pricing
    • Perceived connection challenges
  • We will meet via Zoom for 4.5 hours a day for 4 days!
  • Plan to attend all 4 sessions live
  • The program includes preparation for modules, group discussions, breakout time for Balances, and expanded activities in-between sessions.

Preparation for program:

  1. Complete online Program application. Apply here.
  2. Be comfortable and confident with self muscle-testing
  3. Be familiar with the Balances, creating Goal Statements and the flow of a session
  4. Review and complete the Preparation activities provided after registration
  5. Prepare a summary of your business: Why I do what I do, What do I do, with whom, and how they benefit
  6. Prepare Strategic Intent/project idea: This can be to focus with creating greater success with your own business, to complete a project within your organization or client organization, or a professional goal such as writing a book. During the Program, you can choose to have that as your focus for Goal Statements and transformations during the Balancing sessions
  7. Reflect on areas of your business where you experience stress or challenges
  8. Reflect on areas of your business in which (or where) you experience energy and joy






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