PSYCH-K® Online Workshop - Level 1

psych-k online

Date: December 26-28

Hours (CST – US Central):

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

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This workshop is EXCLUSIVELY for personal use.

After this workshop, you can attend Level 2 to learn how to facilitate PSYCH-K® with other people.

Personal Transformation

Change your limiting beliefs and perception of stressful and traumatic events, fears, phobias, grieving processes, etc.

100% Efficient

Save time and money by eliminating additional travel, food or accommodation expenses.


Workshop Description

  • This is a 3-day, experiential program, from the comfort of your home, that will be taught live by a Certified PSYCH-K® Instructor who will ensure that you integrate the process so that you are totally independent in the use of PSYCH-K®.
  • Unlike common online courses, in this workshop you get the support and guidance of a Certified PSYCH-K® Instructor during the full duration of the program.
  • During this workshop, we will teach you everything you need to align the goals of your conscious mind with your powerful subconscious mind and the wise guidance of your super-conscious mind. The result? Become the Designer of the life you deserve.

After this workshop, 
you can attend Level 2 to learn how to facilitate PSYCH-K® with other people.

Investment:  US$700

This workshop will allow you to transform your limiting beliefs and perceptions to become the designer of your life.

Our story

The starting point

After completing Level 1, you will be able to continue with future Online Workshops, where you will learn how to practice PSYCH-K® with other people via online sessions at a distance. 
If you like, you may also choose to participate in the in-person workshops by attending the Basic.

What do you learn in the PSYCH-K® ONLINE Workshop - Level 1?

  • Access to your subconscious mind

    You will learn to create a powerful collaboration between your conscious, subconscious and superconscious mind, to transform limiting beliefs and perceptions, and become the designer of the life you want.

  • Self Muscle Test

    How to use the Self Muscle Test to communicate directly with your subconscious mind, where at least 95% of your thoughts and actions originate.

  • Reprogramming the subconscious

    Understand the language of your subconscious mind (different from that of your conscious mind) to reprogram and give it new information that allows you to create a more satisfying and harmonious life, in an easy and fun way.

  • Transform trauma and stress

    Transform the perception of traumatic events, phobias, fears and challenges in life (past, present or future) that cause stress and that limit the full expression of your life.

  • PSYCH-K® in everyday life

    With a transformation process called New Direction Balance to transform everything that limits the maximum expression of your potential and recover your energy for creativity, happiness, enjoyment, well-being and peace.

  • Principles of Nature

    How to internalize millions of years of Mother Nature's wisdom in each area of your life, integrating Eleven Essential Principles.

  • GAIA protocol

    In addition to serving yourself, you will learn how to support human evolution (global, galactic, universal) simply and effectively using this specific process.

Interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. in Cell Biology, about PSYCH-K®, August 2019

During the workshop, we will have a video presentation (70 min), Dr. Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., internationally recognized cell biologist who will explain the science behind PSYCH-K®.

5 ESSENTIAL requirements to participate in this Workshop

Commitment to yourself

To attend the workshop in its entirety, for 3 days, for 7 continuous hours each day. Exceptions are not allowed. We will NOT have recordings of the workshop available.

Computer or Laptop

With the Zoom application installed (don't use the browser version for this workshop please). Tablets, iPads, or mobile phones are not allowed since the workshop requires computer functionalities.

Acces to a printer

To enure you print the material BEFORE the workshop starts. Remember that this material is exclusively for your personal use. We will send you a non-reusable code, with your name.

Read and Follow Instructions

It is very important that you have the ability to read and follow the instructions, as well as that you feel comfortable using your hands and arms to perform the self-test.

A calm environment

You need a place where you will not be interrupted by other people or your pets. This is very important for your learning and that of other participants n the workshop.