Miami, september 18, 19 & 20 · 2020

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Workshop Description

FOR WHOM: PSYCH-K® Facilitators who have taken at least the Basic – Must be an entrepreneur, business owner, manager, coach or consultant (or be in the process of becoming any of these) and be comfortable with Facilitating sessions with others.

* This workshop is in English with instant translation to Spanish.


Invesment: US 1.150
Date: September 18, 19, 20 · 2020 ·
Schedule: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Address: Marenas Beach Resort & Spa 18683 Collins Avenue. Sunny Isles Beach, Florida 33160 captura-de-pantalla-2017-10-10-a-las-111532-am OVERALL GOAL OF WORKSHOP:

This workshop has the intention to:
§  Help you find ways to apply what you already know from the PSYCH-K® Basic workshop, in order to Activate Possibilities, Energy & Resources as the Key for Sustainable Success
§  Learn how to align members of an organization and transform what is needed for the organization to become the best it can be
§  Become a PER-K® Catalyst for change and evolution within business organizations by applying the PER-K processes with individual and with teams
§  Revise your beliefs / perceptions about your own business as well as business in general (clients, products, marketing, etc.)
§  Create a transformational leap in your own business


What it will NOT do:
§  Not train you as a coach or as a consultant
§  Not train you on the necessary marketing skills to contact clients
§  Not teach not any new Balances
§  Not teach you how to run a business



Work on your own project or on that of a business you are consulting for (come with a clear idea of a project) in all of the following aspects

1.  Identify and transform sources of perceived stress in business day to day
§  Time management (presentations, meetings, daily tasks)
§  Team relationships
§  Client relationships
§  Suppliers relationships
§  Finances (taxes, accounting, cash flow, payments, etc)
§  Marketing decisions (logos, brands, product characteristics, price)
§  Personal abilities
§  Personal life vs business life

2.    Identify and transform limiting beliefs and perceptions related to all areas of a business
§  The owner / manager
§  The team
§  The product
§  The client
§  Business environment (world, country, region, city, market)
§  Finances
§  Business cycle (starting, maintaining, growing)

3.    Clarification for the Subconscious mind:
Creation of a common Goal for the team involved with such Goal(s)

4.    The Principles of Nature – Original Instructions for Evolution of Business

5.    Marketing
§  Definition of niche
§  Messaging to niche
§  Awareness of our own beliefs and perceptions
§  Value of what we offer / Pricing
§  Marketing challenges

6.    Triad Session practice


Preparation for Workshop 


Once we let you know this workshop is a good fit for you, come back to the website to register and pay

Prepare the following:

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