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Advanced Integration PSYCH-K® Workshop

This 4-day transformative workshop is a deep journey of self-realization to remember who you really are and significantly accelerate your levels of consciousness and self-empowerment. Only your inner wisdom can guide you to know when you are ready to let go of your old conditioning and find your most authentic version. 

How will you benefit from participating in this workshop?

  • Improve your verbal and non-verbal communication, to create safe and relaxed spaces in all your interpersonal interactions, both personally and at work.
  • Balancing core beliefs will allow you to discover why you feel there are areas of your life where you live with one foot on the gas (I want to change) and at the same time with one foot on the brake (I can’t change). This will allow you to generate fast and significant changes in your perception of self-worth, personal power, love and acceptance for yourself, which could take years if you did it only with your conscious mind.
  • You will discover how to harmonize your relationship with yourself and with others, as well as with various life issues (partner, parents, children, money, occupation, physical body, etc).
  • Safely make a journey through all stages of your life, all the way from the moment of conception to the experience o death, in order to transform all traumatic and stressful experiences that are stored in your subconscious mindto a state of peace and detachment. The result? Live to your full potential! 
  • On the last day of the workshop, after this transformative immersion in your subconscious mind, you will be ready to become aware that the power of transformation is in you and not in PSYCH-K® – At that moment, you will truly experience how powerful you are! 

I hesitated a lot before deciding to take the Advanced workshop; After the Basic Workshop, I noticed only some subtle changes, so I was not sure if PSYCH-K® was the process for me. I decided to take the Advanced Workshop and WOW!!!  I was blown away! At the end of each day, I felt a new level of peace that I had never experienced, without being clear of how this was happening. Each Balance showed me that those parts of me that I thought could never be transformed, were “repaired” in an inexplicable way. I discovered that it is possible to love and accept myself as I am, that I deserve the best that life has to offer me, that I could let go of the guilt I felt for my actions in the past, and that it was time to remove the labels of “I’m not worth it if I don’t do everything perfectly” and “I’m so damaged, there’s no hope for me”. Now, I feel really alive, free of so many fears that I carried for years, and I am clear that I am the one in charge of my life. I thank my higher self for giving me the subtle nudge I needed to take this decision and finally be in charge of my life.” 

Carlos Andrés Martínez

Civil Engineer – Monterrey - México


Rapport Balance (safe and effective communication)

With this process you will be able to "speak the language of others" both at a verbal and non-verbal level, achieving a Whole Brain State when you communicate. The result is a deep sense of trust and safety that will make it easier for you to understand those around you. Our communication - verbal and non-verbal - and the way we react to the way others communicate, impact our lives and relationships in profound ways.

See example

A participant commented regarding his occupation in sales, that although he knew very well the product he was selling, he often felt that he could not adequately communicate the benefits to his clients and constantly complained about how difficult it was to sell this type of product. After this Balance, he felt more comfortable and this led to his sales increasing significantly. In addition, as a result of this Balance, many of his interpersonal relationships became easier  (particularly with his father, with whom he had always had many difficulties communicating). 

Belief Points with Energy Focus

Ancient acupuncturists knew that different points on the body were related to psychological and emotional challenges. In PSYCH-K®, we use 12 Belief Points derived from that information with a whole new twist on it. These points represent fundamental beliefs that give us valuable information about the reasons why we are limiting ourselves in the areas of life that we want to transform. We use the Energy Focus Balance, to direct the energy to the belief points that are needed to make profound changes at the subconscious level of mind in a very short time.

See example

A participant had identified a recurring pattern in his life of feeling frustrated for not being able to do everything perfectly and feeling that he could not prove to his family that he was as capable as his father. Using the Belief Points, he discovered that this was associated with believing that it was not possible to achieve his goals by just being himself and that he did not deserve anything good in life. The Balance allowed him to see himself with new eyes and begin to take more effective actions, with less effort; additionally, he expressed feeling a level of acceptance for himself that he had never experienced. 


This process allows us to use a person as a substitute to support with PSYCH-K® Balances those who cannot experience a Balance in person: someone in a coma or sick, those who have transitioned, or someone too young to be able to do the muscle testing. Balances can also be done with archetypes (the abusive man, the authority figure, success, etc.), with symbolic representations of the source of work, the place of residence, as well as relationships with other people. We always obtain permission from the two consciousnesses at their Spiritual level, in order to carry out this process.

See example

Surrogation was used to support a 3-year-old who was terrified of traveling in airplanes. The day after Balancing in surrogation for the perception of stress, the child was able to sleep peacefully during an entire flight as well as on subsequent flights with her parents (who attended the Workshop).

Core Belief Balance

This Balance is where everything began in PSYCH-K® since it was the first process that Rob Williams received in December 1988. This process allows you to have a diagnosis of 13 pairs of "Core Beliefs" in various areas of life, as the foundation of our human experience (perception of our self worth, loving ourselves unconditionally, having enthusiasm for living, forgiving ourselves and others, our perception of belonging to the Divine plan, etc). It is a process to prepare the mind-body system when we are ready for an accelerated and significant transformation of our entire life.

See example

A participant expressed that for years she felt that her life in general was deeply unbalanced and that she was irreparably damaged. After the PSYCH-K® Basic she had a very clear intuition that it was essential to attend the Advanced, specifically for this Balance - Based on her results, she felt this was like an extreme spiritual makeover and that now she is able continue to build her life in a loving and compassionate way with herself. 

Relationship Balance

This Balance will allow you to solve your challenges in fundamental relationships and understand the lessons and opportunities that those relationships bring to your life. It will give you a clearer perspective on the value of relationships between parents and children, siblings, co-workers, partner, friends. This balance can be used with your relationship with anything, starting with the relationship you have with yourself.

See example

A participant did a Relationship Balance with his ex-wife, asking someone in the workshop to be the surrogate for her. This process allowed him to understand the reasons for the constant post-divorce conflicts, ask her for forgiveness and hear her say that she is at peace with him. After the workshop, they were able to sit down and talk and reach beneficial agreements for themselves and their children as the basis for a friendly and harmonious friendship. 

Life Bonding Balance

In this Balance you will undertake a subconscious journey towards your past, present and future with the aim of transforming traumatic and stressful experiences from the moment of your conception, gestation and birth, all the stressful events that have occurred in your life since the day you were born up to the present moment, as well as the fear of death. This balance uses two central points of life force - the Thymus Center and the Hara Point - and a breathing technique as the means of re-programming. By directing your breath between these two powerful points in the body, you will be able to release the stress and pain associated with these experiences in order to fully experience the joy of being alive.

See example

A participant discovered in this Balance the reasons why she sought to "escape" from life through a series of addictions (alcohol, cigarettes, work, anxiety). During the Balance, it was clear for her that during the gestation period, her mother experienced feelings of panic due to the precarious economic situation with her husband. The subconscious mind of the unborn baby assumed she was not loved nor accepted by her mother, for which she generated behaviors that allowed her to be distant in her relationships and dissociated from her emotions, with obsessive and self-defeating behavior patterns. The Balance allowed her to transform these perceptions and experience a level of peace that she had never felt in her life. 

As Albert Einstein said, "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." The processes that we will experience in the Advanced Workshop meet this criterion.

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